About us

We created Charter Fishing Cancun on 2010. During all these year, we have been doing what we like to do (Cancun Fishing and outdoors activities) but at the same time we have been learning about deep sea fishing, boats, crews, gear, customer service, operations, mechanic things, weather issues, etc. Based on that experience, we were able to realize which things works and which not, who are the best crews, which boats are good for this activities and which are unsafe, when to go out and which days are not good (weather), etc.

We learned that not only fishing is important, but a friendly and skilled crew, a transportation on time at your resort´s door, a well-supplied cooler, as well a fishing plan with clients and crew, but overall, is important to have in mind the guests’ wishes and expectatives.

But moistly we learned for from our failures, from our clients’ feedback (good and bad), from my competitors and allies, from the crews. We are still learning¡¡

With all that background, we choose the best of the best, the crews, the boats, the gear and we are ready to take you on a Cancun Fishing Charter in these waters.