Types of fishing

There are several types of fishing in Cancún, such as:

Deep sea fishing

The bait and lures depends on the specie we will be looking for. Frequently, in Charter Fishing Cancun we use live bait (bonitos, blue runners and “cigar minnows”), dead ballyhoos and pieces of fish, and, from time to time squids. Also we use artificial lures (some handmade by the crew), plastic skirts and teasers to attract the fish.

Usually in Charter Fishing Cancun, during a fishing trip in Cancun we do two types of fishing techniques according the specie we will be trying to catch. We can modified this, taking in count the client wishes, the fishing conditions as well the weather.

Trolling: consists of keeping the boat at a constant 6 to 8 knots of speed. The lines normally goes on the surface or do not sink very deep.

Bottom Fishing: when the boat stops in deep waters. Hooks are loaded with downriggers and lead lures that make the line go down in a range between 169 ft and 500 ft.

Fly Fishing

This consists in using artificial bait called a fly, made out of animal feathers or hair. This type of fishing is done in shallow, clear waters, reaching a foot deep. Light graphite rods and boats specially modified for shallow waters are used. This kind of fishing can be done in the sea, lakes, lagoons or rivers.

Spinning or Light Tackle

We have some spinning rods on board and we use it frequently, but this is not our primary type of fishing. This is done in waters with an average depth of 9 feet. Very resistant graphite or polycarbonate rods are required. Lures and baits tend to be bigger and brighter. Reels contain up to 300 yards of line. Also this type of fishing can be done in the sea, lakes, lagoon and rivers.