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Are you looking to have a great time with your kids?

Maybe a taste of deep-sea fishing for the son?

Celebrate a birthday or an anniversary?

Or maybe a wedding in Cancun and would you like to take your family/friends to deep-sea fishing in waters like no others?

Visiting Cancun for a bachelor party and looking for a long-lasting memory and a cooler full of cold beers to share with your buddies?

Or would you like to complete your bucket list with the Caribbean billfish or any other species of Peninsula de Yucatan?

However, there are plenty of deep-sea fishing charters in Cancun, a lot of companies with similar names and several options. It could be confusing to make decisions about how many hours should I need for my trip, which boat should I choose, what's the best time of the day for fishing in Cancun (morning or afternoon trips), what is the type of fishing producing more results (trolling, bottom fishing or both), how would I reach the dock or if it's better to pay with a credit card or cash?

LET US GUIDE YOU. After many years of been fishing here and thousands of deep-sea fishing charters of experience, we understand that fishing by itself is not the most important, but YOU ARE.

For that reason, we focus on to give you the best possible experience (not necessarily the most expensive) and we recommend the fishing charter that suits better for expectations and requirements.

A deep-sea fishing charter in the waters around Isla Mujeres and Cancun gives you the chance to have an outstanding time with your relatives and friends, targeting a variety of fish such as mahi-mahi (dolphin fish), sailfish, marlin (Blue and White), great barracuda, king mackerel, wahoo, tuna (Blackfin, yellowfin and skipjack), groupers, snappers, bonitos and many other species. Also, the change in deeps and mixed currents are great advantages of this area, allowing to trolling and bottom fishing during the same fishing trip.

For that reason, fishermen from all around the world, from beginners to experts, come to Fishing in Cancun all year long to live the exciting experience of a Cancun Fishing Charter.

Don't miss the opportunity to fish here and CONTACT US.


  • We provided FREE ROUND TRIP TRANSPORTATION to the dock if staying in Cancun or nearby.
  • We pay attention to OUR CLIENT WISHES and keep in mind the fishing plan.
  • Our clients CAN PARTICIPATE as much as they want.
  • NO WORRIES about beers, bottles of water, sodas, ice, fishing gear, and fishing licenses. All are included in our trips.
  • As much as a good boat, the crew is essential for a successful trip. Ours are friendly and lifetime skilled.
  • We DON'T guarantee fishing…..WHAT??? Of course, we are not Walmart. Fishing conditions change a lot, it has to do with luck, weather, currents, tide, species, etc. The true fishermen understand this. We don't brainwash our clients to sell a fishing trip. However, we do have a VERY HIGH RATING OF SUCCESS IN DEEP SEA FISHING.
  • We have several payment methods: Cash (is king of course), Credit and Debit Cards, Paypal and Online Payments.
  • The people who answer the phone, reply to emails and messages are fishermen who are aware of the real fishing conditions.